Anita Jaxson Drops "Ginger"

Anita Jaxson recently dropped her latest single titled "Ginger". The song is a dancehall track and it talks about a girl's love for a guy and the way he makes her feel which is a feeling of warmth - it's about the way Ginger tea warms you up.

Anita Jaxson

The sound Anita gives us on this track leans more towards Jamaican dancehall sonically than the usual Zimdancehall sound and Anita sounds perfectly at home there. The song was produced by Leekay who has worked with Anita on tracks like Fire, High on your love, and More which featured Poptain. The video for Ginger was directed by Leoy V and it's a beautiful kaleidoscope of color.

Check out Anita Jaxson's "Ginger" below:

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