Good Reason Why People Buy FAKE Brands

We have started a culture of opening up pages on Social media to spot Fake brands that people will be wearing, especially if they are flexing on everyone. I do feel like a certain percentage of people who buy these goods are pretty much aware of what they are purchasing and some are tricked into buying FAKE products because they can't merely tell the difference.

           Why People Buy FAKE Brands

Early 2000 hip hop culture was quite huge in Zimbabwe everyone was wearing all the latest fashion they saw in music videos. In the VCD Era when we used to get into the CBD  just to have a least 10 new music videos on a VCD before youtube was affordable. No one cared if the clothes were real or FAKE, kids from the high-density areas and those from the low-density areas didn't care. They just wanted to look like Busta Rhymes, and Jay-Z & wear Nelly Air Force 1s. They just wanted to feel like they were in a music video in the streets of MIAMI or New York. 
            Why People Buy FAKE Brands

 People wore Jacob the jeweler, Coogie jeans, and ice cream Bape Air Force kicks, and to be honest, people just wanted to feel like they are part of the Hip hop cool culture. Life was more peaceful than before everyone had a phone with internet and a camera, Back then it was about feeling good and looking clean without paying attention to how authentic the product was. 

                     Why People Buy FAKE Brands

I really don't get it when people laugh at people who just want to look good and feel good to be part of a certain social group. We all know the real products are very expensive, especially for the young people that are still in  University and those in high school.

And now with social media, we have access to free stylish looks that do not require us to be spending a lot of money on branded overpriced designer clothes which most of the time end up being FAKE. My advice is to check out Pinterest for fashion inspiration and also look into the Japanese & South Korean fashion week hashtags. You will end up achieving the unique and clean look you will be looking for. I highly recommend online stores like SHIEN & FASHION NOVA for affordable fashion for both men & women. 

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