Is Voltz JT Ready To Drop The Much-Anticipated New Album ‘Life of Muvhimi’ ?

Voltz JT's latest 2022 debut album ‘Life of Muvhimi’ is almost here

23-year-old Nkosi “Voltz JT” Sibiya, a Chitungwiza-bred hip hop sensation and engineering student has put the game on chock hold. With a rich catalogue of catchy and lyrically relatable hits, the buoyant rapper is out to get everything. 

As a hunter who has lined traps and waiting for the opportune moment to add an extra trophy to his repertoire, we can only wait to savour. Titled “Life of Muvhimi” Voltz feels exactly like the hunter in the wilderness of an existential crisis that a majority of other youths have been relegated to the peripheries. Unsure of their future like the suspense posed in a debut album.
Likewise, to a majority of music listeners in Zimbabwe, the hoarse-voiced rapper carries a newcomer tag, and the fresh sound dubbed as ‘Jecha Trap’ catapulted his eventual rise in the ferociously competitive music industry. There is no doubt about his exciting potential of becoming one of the best to grace the hip-hop scene. He has already registered influence amongst young adults to whom his gospel has become a conviction. 

The message has consistently hammered on street knowledge. The social media rhetoric of fake lifestyles, deceit, insecurities, and becoming the independent hustler. Always busy hustling. Something which the modern youth is scrambling for. The love, friendships, and relationships. 

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The latest release ‘Shamwari yangu’ has caught many by surprise as it unleashes a deeply conscious rap style that appeals to our unique harsh betrayal experiences. Painful. The soulful jam gives full testimony to the artist’s ability to tell the story in full though he ironically raps, “I always make sure kuti mawords angu mashoma than action.” 

The album will be that action to cement his career by giving the audience assurance that there is indeed a growing persona behind that merchandized mask. An album is like the blueprint of the course. The body and soul bring the whole aspect of being an artist to one place. 

Through a convincing work ethic and consistency, we can affirm Voltz JT is indeed ready for the album. And with the able technical assistance of MulaNation, the stable where he has been recording, there is surely a dependable roll-out plan. The streets have evidently given them the green light by loving almost every single he is releasing. Asked about features, the rapper has cleared the air, “I’m trying to minimize features towards my album”. However, the shows are still on.

The last project Mayhem and Melodies is still worth checking out. Though not powerful enough to break the jinx of being an unknown talent, it was a beautiful effort. The much-awaited album ‘Life of Muvhimi’ will be a heroic fairytale as the hunter drops Assegai and grabs the mic!

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