Bars and Melodies In Od3y’s Ndiriko Featuring Hillzy

Od3y can fairly be appreciated as a new voice on the streets. The single Ndiriko is a solid statement that clearly strengthens his intentions. He indeed might be a new addition to the galaxy of Zimbabwean stars and recruiting the service of a treasured talent in Hillzy represents the magnitude of the zeal. Ndiriko, and you might wanna know!

Od3y Ndiriko Featuring Hillzy

Hillzy who would definitely improve the odds for a wider reach and listenership lived up to the billing. Safer to assert that what he touches turns to gold. In Ndiriko he takes the lead with the first verse which blends with the melody that is surely mesmerizing. 

The track flows in a fusion of English and vernacular whilst denoting something pop but dominantly trap. Given the impeccable visuals, Od3y might be in love with the low-key terrain of the industry but well, Ndiriko is insuppressible! 

Whether the bars outclassed the melody, you may know better. Kindly share your views in the comment section.

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  1. Well l think as a day one fan to the Muroora hit maker he is for sure playing it safe these days .And O3DEY is doing the same by making sure he always places his cards with the guru and it brings out the best in him, no doubt Hilzy loves thier duet

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