SoulDeep Drops Her Latest Single "Broken Promises"

Broken Promises is the latest single from SoulDeep as she continues her impressive run of giving us regular music. It's a love song as beautiful as ever from the artist and she effortlessly merges RnB, Soul and a bit of Funk on a record that's talking about a sad situation but somehow the mood remains upbeat. The song which talks about an ultimatum between a couple from the woman's perspective is produced by Splits Loui, who's often collaborated with SoulDeep.

Broken promises is a song about a woman giving her man sort of an ultimatum.  The ultimatum is basically her saying she doesn't want any more broken promises, as the title suggests. It's an either he shapes up or ships out kinda vibe. 

SoulDeep - Broken Promises 
The song was inspired, I guess, in part by my own life experiences. But I think, as is with most of my songs, It just kind of happened. It just kind of came to me when I got the beat. I just felt really empowered and I just felt like dancing. I'm always inclined to write about heartbreak, maybe because I've been through a lot of it or just because basically nowadays heartbreak is like a very strong theme in society, think mjolo. So this song is kinda about a woman reclaiming her power, in a sense.
It feels good to be making music again, though it's a tough balancing act with school and health issues.
I'll be putting out more work soon, probably another single and then an album in August. The official announcement will be made soon.

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