Voltz JT Confirms Collaborating With Emtee On Latest 2022 Album "Life of Muvhimi"

The wait isn’t over yet despite the pain withering our patience. To numb that pain Voltz JT has finally confirmed a blockbuster feature with South Africa’s celebrated hip hop star Emtee. The collaboration will be part of the 11-track studio debut album ‘Life of Muvhimi’. 

Speaking to this author the Jecha Trap kingpin confirmed that release dates are yet to be deliberated as he revealed only so much. The local hip-hop scene is evidently growing with albums substantiating the seriousness of the new school contemporaries. 

Voltz JT featuring Emtee song Life Of Muvhimi
Emtee and Voltz JT
Image: @voltz_jtmusic/Instagram

Voltz JT shared the stage with Emtee at a locally hosted bush party in May and this development initiated the creative process. As a matter of proximity, the influence of South African urban dynamics in Zimbabwe is to an infinite measure and even beyond the entertainment scope.

The continued rise of Voltz JT is an exciting return of investment in quality production which puts his career at favourable odds to emerge on the revered international scene. However, this Emtee collaboration is only a water break to our painful game of waiting!   

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