Holy Ten Says Shadaya Will Be Arrested Within 2 Years

The past few weeks were hectic for Holy Ten and his "wife-to-be" Kimberly Richards as they took jabs from multiple sources including Tweets from Shadaya, diss tracks from Passion Java and Dj Towers. 

The Zimbabwe Hip Hop musician stopped by the Zim Celebs podcast hosted by Phathisani Sibanda, resulting in a forty-five-minute video (see below) during which several Holy Ten news-centered and Kimberly Richards-adjacent topics were discussed.

Of particular interest for those familiar with the Twitter slandering of Kimberly Richards by Shadaya, the fall-out with his manager Shawn D and his relationship with Saint Floew.

Holy Ten

Holy Ten thinks Shadaya will be arrested within the next two years

When asked about his opinions on Shadaya, Holy Ten says he has nothing but respect for him except for the Kimberly misunderstanding. "That's a very highly opinionated man, Shadaya is an alpha male. He's a man that really stands by what he believes in. I've seen even by his persistent consistency with Twitter but you know, Shadaya just disappointed me ka one chete (once only) When he stood by the truth that he didn't know. You see, when I started dating Kimberly, the first troll was when I was posting (her pictures on his Instagram) ndiri one and she wasn't posting (him on her Instagram profile). he analyzed you know he had his facts and information kuti izvi zvirikureva chii (what it meant) and yet he just simply didn't know that I had told her not to post me so when the pressure started coming because you know, social media has this mass intelligence they know that if they retweet vakawanda (en masse), they might pressurize you into doing something but I told her still not to post me."

Holy Ten reiterated (around the 32:25 mark) his stance that Shadaya will be jailed in the next two years. "I don't think Shadaya will be free within the next two years, hapashayikwe paachasungwa ipapa because you know at the end of the day you live by the sword you're gonna die by the sword."

Holy Ten has no beef with Saint Floew, they have more collaborations on the way

"Saint Floew haana kubuda muStable as such (He did not leave the record label.) We just have an affiliation. Like I said, we weren't formal, tanga tingorine ma verbal agreements... we still work together. We even have some projects that we want to do as Samanyanga Sounds but otherwise hatina knumbonetsana naSaint Floew."

Other topics given some time in the lengthy Holy Ten chat include, Mudiwa Hood, King 98, Voltz JT “I was never attacking Voltz when I sang Zviri pa2”, "Zim dancehall is dead" and “Ndakasiya machills to pursue Kim,” and more. 

Check out the conversation below.

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