New Killer T’s Song Guka Speaks To The Surge In Drug Abuse Amongst Teenagers

The young generation of this day is under threat from problematic drug use and substance use disorders. Not entirely their fault, if at all. 

What Zim musician Killer T has done with his latest production is exemplary to all the other influential personalities. To speak but in a way that doesn’t castigate or induce stigmatization of the drug users. Crystal meth known in Zimbabwean streets as Guka or Mutoriro has been a pandemic. Loved ones have been lost. But the crisis ahead is the crucifixion of users before their eventual demise – stigmatization and criminalization. Let us treat addicts as health patients, not criminals. 

Killer T

Killer T acknowledges that drugs have been a part of our lives. He specifically pinpoints crystal meth as a more dangerous drug. Spectacular truth. The young ones need to be protected at all costs. Problematic use is a result of misinformation and on the flip side, the romanticism of the drugs in the mass media. This makes Killer T’s effort perfectly plausible because they are the people who influence day-to-day narratives. Not merely posting ‘stop drug abuse’ which we have seen on many platforms but without real context and interest. It’s a shame.

Watch Killer T’s video for Guka below, and based on that, let us have more discussions on the crisis at hand.

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