Here Is R.Peels Latest Zviri Eva Beautiful 2 Album Tracklist, Artwork and Production Credits

With guest appearances from Cleff Jones, Beav City, Brian Jeck, Shayne, Tich Pablo, Dough Major, Dr. Blacks, Virus ZW, Zxa, Bling 4, Seven Cadre and Tha Bees

After announcing the 45-track project back in June, Zimbabwe Hip-Hop musician Tanaka Mungoyo popularly known as R.Peels finally shared the official tracklist and artwork of his 9th project titled “Zviri Eva Beautiful 2” earlier today. 

The album title was inspired by the rapper's current state of well-being, as he tackles various subjects including therapy, addiction, fasting and faith in the project. "Making this album was different because I was In a beautiful space. I’m past being angry and putting pressure on myself. I just know one thing, keep going. God rewards sweat." R.Peels wrote in a Tweet after announcing the project. 

Zviri Eva Beautiful 2 comes September 11, 2022, following a collaborative four-track EP "MuRace" with Gweru-based rapper Kayflow released back in May.

R.Peels Latest Zviri Eva Beautiful 2 Album Cover
R.Peels Zviri Eva Beautiful 2 Album Cover artwork by Kreota Infinite

The Chitungwiza-bred artist who recently moved from the town revealed that his primary goal for the album is to dominate the whole country versus just being known as a Chi-town rapper by featuring artists from other towns. "I never thought I would leave Chitungwiza. I’m proudly a resident, I was never shy or ashamed to live and be seen in Chitown. I’ll miss the hood." He shared in a series of Tweets. "Zimbabwe is a small country I repeat, you can rep your city yes, just don’t niche market it and dedicate your whole life to a city Trust."  

On this project, R.Peels collaborates with various artists from other towns on songs such as Makuhwa with Virus an upcoming rapper from Mutare he met on the road. However, he also highlighted the criticism and backlash after collaborating with Jungle Loco and Kae Chaps. "Would’ve loved to give someone from Masvingo a verse but I remember Jungle Loco and fans trolling a verse I did in his album for free." He wrote on Twitter, "I also gave KAE Chaps a verse for free then he started acting like a diva. Man, you are RnB." 

Check out the tracklist for Zviri Eva Beautiful 2 recorded, mixed and mastered by Dr. Blacks and Slim Slicko below

The tracks were produced by Jax The Beatbully, Mclyne Beats, Nagbeatz, Eliq, Slim Slicko, Dr. Blacks and Tricky. 

1. Eva Beautiful 2
2. Ghetto Superstar
3. Julius Malema
4. Famous & Poor
5. Leader of the youth
6. Dhiri Featuring Cleff Jones and Beav City
7. 5 Years Later
8. Addiction
9. Picture
10. Makore Afamba
11. Wakupenga Interlude
12. Contract
13. Landlord 2 Featuring Brian Jeck
14. Therapy
15. SemaRoma
16. Sungano Featuring Shayne
17. Slay Queen
18. Love Song
19. My Soul 2
20. Jesu Vakandishedza Featuring Tich Pablo
21. Congratulations Interlude
22. Violence
23. Zollywood Famous
24. Airport
25. Tsanya
26. Church Girls Prelude
27. Chamupupuri (Windy)
28. Mapfumo Featuring Seven Cadre
29. Pusha Grind
30. Ghetto Superstar Featuring Dough Major
31. History Interlude
32. Gesture (Jecha)
33. Chisveru
34. Monalisa
35. Too Much Featuring Dr. Blacks
36. Makuhwa Featuring Virus ZW and LXA
37. Gucci NeLoui
38. Nasty
39. No Interview
40. Offline (Zesa)
41. Legend Interlude
42. Violence (Remix) Featuring Bling 4
43. 45 Bars Freestyle
44. Pusha Grind Remix Featuring Tha Bees
45. Ropa Remari

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