Holy Ten pens Seredzai "JD" Kuganza dedication song Dai Zvaibvira

Death has never been an easy fate. We cannot add a cubit to our lifespan. Recently, the entertainment industry woke up to the tragic news of Seredzai "JD" Kuganza’s passing following a fatal accident. The young backing vocalist Seredzai Kuganza was a member of Holy Ten’s team. Videos have been popping up online of an energetic lad whose heydays have been cut short. 

Holy Ten Jay D tribute Dai Zvaibvira
Rest In Peace Jay D

Holy Ten joins the family in mourning with a tribute song Dai Zvaibvira. It remains tough for the family coming to terms with the untimely departure of a child. Working with one of the country’s biggest artists surely sums it up – a journey that would have seen him utilize the vast exposure in the industry and given him a chance to explore his artistic exploits. 

‘Mom’s wanga wakatemba iwewe’ beckons Holy Ten in the track. He mourns being robbed and is shocked by the demise of the dreams they shared together. 

Listen to the track below. R.I.P Jay D

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