VI The Law Collaborates with Kxng Massey for "Magitare" the First Single Off His Upcoming Debut Album

VI The Law and Kxng Massey teamed up for the first single from VI The Law's upcoming debut album and what a track it is. Magitare is a display of VI The Law's artistry at it's very best. Not only how lyrically gifted he is as a rapper but his talent on the more technical side of the music as a producer. Yet the display is far from one way traffic as Kxng Massey equally grabs the spotlight with a captivating hook and a verse full of quotables.

Kxng Massey's hook offers up insight into the daily lives of Harare folks. He reflects on how good the night life is in the city and how the ghetto nows draws the residents from uptown. While he also comments on escapism through drug abuse, which has now become a local epidemic.

Tadzoka zvekare kuzorova magitare
PaGuta reHarare panotapira samare
Vapfana vemayard, vakutambira kuMbare
Matombo muhomwe, tinokweva kuti tifare

Magitare is a statement. Not in the sense of calling out the competition but in the sense of setting the bar so high everyone's rewriting their verses. It says measure up if you dare. With punchcline heavy verses delivered with a calm cadence, VI The Law is fully in his element. It's the first instalment from his upcoming debut album A Boy & A Blanket but it's so much more in what it weighs in the genre. It raises expectations for whatever music is to come from this debut project.

Magitare was also released with brilliant visuals done by 3rd World Chronicles. The video has a nostalgic feel to it as it goes around sights at Prince Edward School, a place of historical importance in both artist's lives. VI The Law even makes reference to it in his second verse when he goes, "Fast foward to 06 became a PE Boy, met Massey in hostel but we werent really boys. In a dog eat dog school we didnt have choice."

Checkout the video for "Magitare" below:

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