A conversation with Nigel Ruwona founder of Ona Natural Oils created from Dhaga, mawuyu, nhengeni and even feso

Skincare brands pop-up quite frequently but the impact and growth that Ona Natural Oils has experienced since launching half a decade ago is not as frequent. The personal care brand is creating value from indigenous Zimbabwean ingredients/herbs, to provide effective daily therapy for African skin & hair.

A conversation with Nigel Ruwona founder of Ona Natural Oils

Ona Natural Oils set out to tackle issues on self-esteem specifically on black skin and the anxiety that arises from pre-existing beauty standards and their range of products include shamboos, hair growth oils, lotions and more.

A conversation with Nigel Ona founder of Natural Oils

The founder of Ona Natural Oils - Nigel Ruwona- recently sat with Story Untold ZW for an hour long interview detailing the brands growth in its 5 year existence. The insightful conversation touched on the inception of the brand, how they approach product development and so much more.

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