Kayflow Narrates the Daily Life of Zimbabwean Youth on "Mfana WepaJecha"

Mfana WepaJecha is the latest single to come from the rising star Kayflow. A gifted alternative rap artist, who's been on the brink of a breakout moment for the last year or so. Kayflow is also the same rapper that gave the hit "Honda Fit" not long back.

Kayflow Zimbabwe Hip-Hop Rapper

The song title Mfana WepaJecha also happens to be his moniker and loosely translated from slang it means a youth from the ghetto. 

It's a song that narrates the daily lives of Zimbabwean youth. It talks about seeking escapism through drug use, unemployment, load-shedding, mental health and the routine of just going from one day to the next without purpose. It's a song not only rich in storytelling but melodies and phenomenal production. 

The song opens up with a verse that talks about chasing temporary moments of happiness to escape life's pressures. This takes the form of heading to buy drugs once you've found a paying hustle and spending time with the fairer sex.

Ndawana mari muchiround
Straight kwajezzman
Ndabva ndafonerawo gang gang
Musandipa pressure, ndenge ndakalocker kudreadman
Ndenge ndichispaka tumagirlfriends
Ndenge ndakaflexer ndenge ndichipisa kunge stove
Ndenge ndichida kufeeler prezha
Ndenge ndakaflexer ndenge ndiriking
Ndapinda mulevel ndichislayer tumaqueen

Kayflow displays amazing versatility in how he switches his cadence on different parts of the song. Although the instrumental has Reggae & Afrobeats influences in its sound, the song itself is in essence a Zimhiphop track. The hook captures the motions of the youth on a daily basis, consumed by minutiae and just trying to find something that brings a bit of income.

Mfana wepajecha
First thing kupinda mumastreets 
Apa kuden hakuna zesa
Ndenge ndine boys 
Pachikona takazomba takalazer
Tombopinda muchiround 
Tichitsvaga tumaheavy twakageza
Hakuna mabasa takutsvaga zhet

When Kaylow changes his flow from the vernac to the Queen's language, it's reminiscent of Ladipoe's style of rapping. Even with the quicker tempo, his verse is immaculate and it stays true to the track's melodies. 

Mfana WepaJecha was released with visuals from Director Leoy V and it's an amazing standard of work from him as always. The video brings Kayflow's lyrics to life and it's an apt representation of what daily routine for the Zimbabwean youth feels like.

You can check out Mfana WepaJecha below:

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