Nhaka Gallery Honours Women with the "Women, Power & Mobility" Exhibition

Friday the 10th of March, Harare's Nhaka Gallery unveiled the Women, Power & Mobility Exhibition in celebration of International Women's Day and Women's Month. 

Nhaka Gallery Honours Women with the "Women, Power & Mobility" Exhibition
Patrons visiting an exhibition at Nhaka Gallery

The exhibition was facilitated through a collaboration of Nhaka Gallery and Mobility for Africa, with support from the Swiss and Australian Embassy, along with UN Women. The official opening event included speakers from partnering organizations and supporters, with performances from talented musicians Kessia and Rumbi, and a celebrity guest in the hilarious Madam Boss.

The exhibition is running under the tag line "Putting women in the driver's seat" and featured a mix of renowned and emerging artists:

Lovemore Kambudzi

Lillian Magodi

Richard Witikani

Yandani Mlilo

Webster Mubayireni

Nothando Chiwanga

Keith Zenda

Nhaka Gallery is particularly honouring rural women this year as it seeks to challenge stereotypes about women in rural through rethinking transport. Rudo, the art exhibition coordinator stated that the exhibition goes beyond the simple movement of people.

It's not just about getting from point A to point B, it's about freedom, breaking barriers, it's bringing people together... a process that highlights challenges (associated with transport & mobility), while at the same time celebrating the human and woman spirit.

The art pieces on exhibition shall be available for purchase via auction on the 28th of April.

Nhaka Gallery & Creative Space operates under the Women’s Gallery Arts and Research Trust. It aims to build a creative, safe, dynamic space for nurturing Zimbabwe’s next generation of artists. 

Helen Lieros and Derek Huggins, who founded the Delta Gallery in 1975, helped establish the country on the global art scene as they helped young artists learn their craft, get international exposure, and launch their careers. Now in honour of their legacy, Nhaka Gallery aims to inspire a new generation to follow the country’s rich artistic tradition.

The space can be found at 110 Livingstone Road, Harare (Greenwood Park), which was formerly Gallery Delta until last year.

You can stream the official opening of the Women, Power & Mobility Exhibition here:

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