Kayflow’s Mfana wepaJecha Breaks New Ground for Hip Hop

Interesting how Kayflow’s Mfana Wepajecha teases the memory of Enzo Ishall’s yesteryear hit Muchiround despite stemming from divergent sonic roots. The two artists are a distance apart in regards to their stature in the music industry but have shared in common a flair of elegance in romanticizing walkabouts in the ghetto. Whether Kayflow can become a refreshing hit-maker in hip hop like Enzo Ishall in dancehall is a story for another day. What we can confidently notice is the ability shown in creating an alternative sound inextricably linked to the hardcore identity of the parent genre.
Kayflow’s Mfana wepaJecha Breaks New Ground for Hip Hop

Hip hop remains an instrument of expression, relevant in many circumstances and setting for the youth at a global scale. The urban contemporary music market has embraced this culture as an outlet for youthful echoes but on a strictly selective basis.  Hence decades have been debating if rap music will one day be dominating the airwaves. The lower market of the contemporary epoch is indeed reluctant in relating to the seemingly affluent hip-hop aura. Recent years have however recorded slight drifts in demand for the genre seeing several artists become stars even beyond the margins of expectation. The rap scene is flooded with talent hence the few success stories are far less reflective of the potential. A lot is being done on the creative front by hip-hop stars to break the jinx and in this context, Kayflow’s Mpfana WepaJecha ticks all the boxes in meeting a standard of what the target market is willing to buy.

The youthful artist is currently pursuing studies at Midlands State University in Gweru where he is reportedly based. His passion and talent became visible in 2022 on a collaborative EP, MuRace, with R Peels and Jax on the production. Taunted one of the most promising talents, Kayflow came for everything in 2023 and so far enjoying a run of successful singles. He is steadily enjoying homeboy incentives at Dj Tamuka’s stable with the likes of Bagga all of whom this writer had the privilege to meet at a gig they performed in February. Kayflow’s videos have been channelled via Dir Leoy V’s Letter Z Factory which secures his game plan as so far solid.

Mpfana wepajecha is currently the latest of the songs released this year and it has rewarded the efforts being lined up. The success of this song gives tangible reference to the notion of this writing that hip hop at this point has only to relate immediate experiences with sonic and literature that people are interacting with on a daily basis. Kayflow’s romanticism with the ghetto lifestyle managed to blanket contemporary socio-economic harsh realities of hopelessness in finding jobs, load-shedding bringing a dark cloud and the crisis of dealing with these pressures of life – except for Jazzman who is included as an escape saviour.

Nasper the beat maker has here an instrumental that screams for due credit. The sound is soothingly easy on the ear evoking a vibe that as well romanticizes the tense lyrical composition by Kayflow. Mfana wepaJecha is neither unique nor new but one of the brilliant hip-hop songs that appeal to a wider demographic that has for long been deliberately ignorant of the many forgotten hip-hop and rap classics!

Watch the video for Mfana wepaJecha and likewise, comments are welcome in the section below! 
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