Saintfloew drops Mutemo WeMukombi on the same day as The New Bhundu Boyz

Zimbabwe Hip-Hop musician Saintfloew has unleashed Mutemo WeMukombi, his latest track and music video poised to catapult him beyond the shadows of Samanyanga Sounds and assert his dominance in the Zimbabwe music circles. With its release coinciding with the highly anticipated drop of Holy Ten's collaboration album, "The New Bhundu Boyz," featuring Michael Magz, the music scene was abuzz with anticipation.

Saintfloew switches to professorial mode, captivating listeners with Mutemo WeMukombi a remarkable composition reminiscent of Notorious B.I.G's legendary track, "Ten Crack Commandments." Backed by Tinashe Mutarisi's record label and music marketing machine, Nash Nation, Saintfloew elevates the song's essence to new heights. Collaborating with the talented producers Jamal No Limits and GangstaMaseIt, it's a Chitungwiza affair as they craft a cloud-trap, back-stiffening beat that evokes memories of the iconic "Rockstar" by Post Malone and 21 Savage.

sainfloew mutemo wemukombi mp3 dowload

Saintfloew's lyrical genius and delivery shine through "Mutemo WeMukombi" as the lyrics impart Kombi boarding tips in manual form. This innovative and brilliant approach showcases his creativity and sets him apart from the crowd as he dabbles with the Zimdancehall style popularised by Tocky Vibes on the chorus and still manages to switch to Hip Hop verses. The Mutemo WeMukombi chorus' memorable lyrics read,

Iyi ndomitemo yemukombi
Vaviri pakufamba moti dhombi
Four, musagara semu lodge
Mukwasha vari mberi musa stika sechizombi

As the jury deliberates on whether Saintfloew is better off pursuing a solo career or continuing his collaboration with Holy Ten, both artists have chosen distinct paths, each marked by their own creative exploration. Undeterred, they continue to release outstanding music that pushes boundaries and captivates audiences.

Check the song below and share your thoughts in the comments! 

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