Zimbabwe's Decibel Makes a Triumphant Return with New Album 'Kumusha' After 20-Year Hiatus

Decibel (Zimbabwe) 2023 album Kumusha Tracklist, Features and More

Zimdancehall musician and trailblazer of the Urban Grooves movement, Daniel Mazhindu, widely known as Decibel, recently unveiled his highly anticipated second album on May 25, 2023, marking a triumphant return after a hiatus of nearly two decades. Titled Kumusha, Decibel's latest album comprises 12 tracks and boasts collaborations with Zimbabwean music producers including Lazzy T, Movy D, Ghost Magician, Cymplex, Jusa Dementor, and Oskid. Decibel expresses his gratitude towards these talented individuals, stating, "Each producer has played an invaluable role in bringing this album to life."

Kumusha album by Decibel showcases a diverse array of both emerging and renowned top musicians, contributing to its dynamic appeal. Eddie Clique, Reeca, Jusa Dementor, Nicky Vybes, Brooklyn, Weusi Black, Miss Daisy, Guspy Warrior, T Gonz, Bobo Kalabash, and one of Zimbabwe's best dancehall artists, Freeman HKD, feature on various tracks. 

Notably, Freeman HKD collaborates with Decibel on the fourth track titled "Bhingo." Freeman HKD expresses his excitement about this project, stating, "I am thrilled to introduce a truly special endeavour that holds great significance for me. As an artist, I have always been deeply influenced by the remarkable body of work created by one of my favourite music legends. His contributions to the music industry have been immeasurable and have continuously inspired me throughout my career. I have been an ardent listener of Decibel's music, drawing inspiration from it, learning, and refining my own craft. His music has been a guiding light, providing me with the courage and resilience to persevere through the highs and lows of an artistic journey. He has shown me that greatness can be achieved through unwavering dedication, hard work, and a genuine love for music. I am profoundly grateful for the profound impact Decibel has had on my musical path, and I will cherish his music for years to come. Without his inspiration, I would not be where I am today. Hence, it gives me immense pleasure to announce that I have had the privilege of collaborating with him on his latest project, his new album. Together, we have crafted a fresh and invigorating track titled Bhingo."

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Here is the tracklist, features and credits for Kumusha album by Decibel

Track Song Name Producer
1. Kumusha Decibel
2. Gona Lazzy T
3. Nyama Imwe (Featuring Eddy Clique) Ghost Magician
4. Bhingo (Featuring Freeman) Cymplex
5. Take Me Back (Featuring Reeca) Movy D
6. Black Woman (Featuring Jusa Dementor) Jusa Dementor
7. Dangerous Movy D
8. One More Time (Featuring Nicky Vybes and Brooklyn) Cymplex
9. Rudo Rwaunondipa (Featuring Weusi Black) Movy D
10. Private Party (Featuring Miss Daisy) Oskid
11. Zarura Movy D
12. Pafunge (Featuring Guspy Warrior, T Gonz and Bobo Kalabash) Cymplex

Listen to Kumusha album here.

Born as Daniel Mazhindu in the mining town of Shurugwi, Zimbabwe, Decibel spent his formative years in Masvingo. He emerged as one of the country's most prominent dancehall artists and played a pivotal role in pioneering the urban grooves genre within Zimbabwe. His breakthrough single, "Nakai," made a lasting impact on the music scene. 

In 2002, Decibel obtained a degree in biochemistry from the University of Zimbabwe. That same year, he inked a record deal with Galaxy Records, a recording company owned by Delani Makhalima at the time. While working at Galaxy Studios, he recorded his debut single, "Nakai," which was followed by another release titled "Chido." 

In 2004, Decibel released his debut album, "What Kind of World," produced by Country Boy Records. The album featured notable tracks such as the title track, "What Kind of World," and the controversial "Madhara." In 2006, he relocated to the United Kingdom, where he currently resides.

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