Zimbabwe Music Awards (ZIMA) 2023: Full Winners list

Zimbabwe Music Awards (ZIMA) were recently held on the 3rd of June in Harare, with many talented artists vying for the coveted awards. The nominees and winners covered 25 categories ranging from Song of the Year, Best Female Artist of the Year, Best Male Artist of the Year, Best Group/Duo of the Year, and Producer of the Year, among others.

Notably, Saintfloew, Leo Magozz, Freeman HKD, Feli Nandi, and Gemma led the pack with the highest number of nominations in various categories. Saintfloew and Leo Magozz were nominated in four categories, while Freeman HKD, Feli Nandi, and Gemma were nominated in three categories.

Saintfloew and Leo Magozz competed for the Best Hip Hop and Song of the Year categories. Freeman HKD, Feli Nandi, and Gemma were nominated in the Best Album of the Year, Best Afropop/Afrofusion, and Best Collaboration categories, among others.

Fusion 5 Mangwiro, The Vine, Vabati VaJehova, Indosakusa, and Alick Macheso all received nominations across different categories. Fusion 5 Mangwiro and The Vine were nominated for Best Group/Duo of the Year and Best Jazz, while Vabati VaJehova received a nod for Best Group/Duo of the Year.

Alick Macheso, on the other hand, was nominated for Best Album of the Year and Best Sungura. Meanwhile, Indosakusa received a nomination for Best Group/Duo of the Year and Best Traditional.

The top five awards categories namely Best Female Artist of the Year, Best Male Artist of the Year, Best Group or Duo of the Year, Best Newcomer of the Year and Best Album of the Year are closed which means nominees are selected by ZIMA while the rest were submitted by artists from March 13, 2023 to April 14, 2023 for music released from January 1 to December 31, 2022.

zimbabwe music awards 2023 winners

The Zimbabwe Music Awards 2023 winners and nominee list features a diverse range of categories, including Best Zimdancehall, Best Hip Hop, Best Contemporary Gospel, and Best Dance. The winners will be announced at the awards ceremony, which promises to be a celebration of Zimbabwean music and talent.

Here are the winners of the Zimbabwe Music Awards 2023

Song of the Year

Best Male Artist of the Year

  • Mark Ngwazi
  • Freeman HKD [WINNER]
  • Saintfloew
  • Leo Magozz

Best Female Artist of the Year

Best Group/Duo of the Year

  • Fusion 5 Mangwiro
  • The Vine
  • Vabati VaJehova
  • Indosakusa [WINNER]

Best Album of the Year

  • Izwi - Feli Nandi
  • Tinosvitswa Nashe - Alick Macheso
  • David & Goliath - Freeman HKD [WINNER]
  • Bvudzi Rangu Ramera - Docus Moyo

Best Zimdancehall

  • Guspy Warrior
  • King Shaddy
  • Freeman HKD [WINNER]
  • Ricky Fire

Best Sungura

  • Leonard Karikoga Zhakata
  • Mark Ngwazi [WINNER]
  • D.T BIO Mudimba
  • Alick Macheso

Best Afropop / Afrofusion

Best Hip Hop

  • Saintfloew [WINNER]
  • Leo Magozz
  • Hillzy
  • Scripmula

Best Collaboration

  • Freeman HKD Featuring Chris Martin - Zimbabwean Queen
  • Gemma Featuring Enzo Ishall - Huya Tinamate
  • Leo Magozz Featuring Various Artists - Fire Emoji Remix [WINNER]
  • Ishan Featuring Annatoria - Lola

Best Contemporary Gospel

  • Andrea The Vocalist
  • Janet Manyowa [WINNER]
  • Everton Mlalazi
  • The Vine

Best Traditional Gospel

  • Vabati VaJohovha
  • Dorcas Moyo [WINNER]
  • Benny Hadassah Muzanamombe
  • Mannerz

Best RnB & Soul

  • Nox
  • Blue Rose
  • Kim Makumbe
  • Nyasha Timbe [WINNER]

Best Jazz

  • Agga Nyabinde
  • Breeze Music
  • Josh Meck [WINNER]
  • Fusion 5 Mangwiro

Best Dance (House, Amapiano, Kwaito, EDM)

  • La Dee
  • Leslie Kampila [WINNER]
  • King 98
  • Master Zhou

Best Music Video

  • Gemma - Huya Tinamate
  • Janet Manyowa - Vaudze [WINNER]
  • Freeman - Robbery
  • Hillzy - Nharo 

Best Videographer

  • Mitch Uta
  • Sly Pro
  • Studio Art Pictures [WINNER]
  • Director AM

Best Diaspora

  • Nox
  • Dr Chaii [WINNER]
  • Vusa Mkhaya
  • Mlue Jay

Best Tshibilika

  • Clement Magwaza
  • Madlela Skhobokhobo
  • Ezokubhimba
  • Insimbi Zezhwane [WINNER]

Best Traditional (Chinyakare, Chimurenga)

  • Brity Yonly
  • Mazarura
  • Mary Anibal [WINNER]
  •  Othnell Mangoma Moyo

Best Folore Traditional (Chinyakare, Chimurenga)

  • Ndosakusa
  • Skhosana Bhuhlungu
  • Amaqaqa  [WINNER]

Best Alternative

Producer of the year

  • Alicious
  • Nyasha Timbe
  • Chillspot Records
  • Oskid [WINNER]

Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Tymon 'Whitehorse' Mabaleka

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