Kayflow is the Motivational Preacher with his latest release "Ramba Wakadzvanya"

The matter of what makes a brilliant is often subjective, with the matter of a brilliant rapper being especially so. Yet the collective position whenever Kayflow releases a track is that he's the future. A testament to his dedication to his craft. Kayflow is an anthem maker, and it's not an assertion I make lightly. "Ramba Wakadzvanya", keep applying pressure, is a message clearly lives by because iye akadzvanya.

Kayflow - Ramba Wakadzvanya mp3 download

Kayflow's latest release arrives as a complete project as usual. Complete in that sense that it satisfies the grounding factors of all good music in this age, which are production, visuals, great rhythm and lyricism. At its core Ramba Wakadzvanya is motivational. It's for the hustlers, 9 to 5ers and everyone else who falls in between. The song doesn't only tell a story in the lyrics but in its production and visual storytelling.

Kayflow is a storyteller and his chosen genre of storytelling is inspired by real life. He's a social commentator through music and often infuses his lyrics with satire. He tells the story of the Zimbabwean youth as it is without changing situations to make for a better picture. From drug abuse to crime.

Ghetto youth racho riri high kunge ecocash rate 
so kakawanda kacho rine dry 
mouth they be doing drugs 24/7
thugs ndivo vana bedu vationa 
everyday mumastreets 
and it's crazy we can't help them

Although reflective of our struggles Ramba Wakadzvanya is ultimately hopeful. It urges perseverance and sees the possibility of a better future.

Vamwe vakatiza nzara vakaenda mhiri
Vamwe vakafarisa vakaita pamuviri
Asi upenyu ivhiri
Sit rinochinjwa faster faster nekadhiri
Ramba Wakadzvanya Jah Jah havakusiye
Mufaro uchauya, you won't drop a tear
Ziva unaJah Jah, saka hapana fear
Ramba Wakadzvanya wakusvika near

Ramba Wakadzvanya sees Kayflow once again working with Nasper, a combination that sees immune to failure. Rayobeats also comes in to help on the production and together with Nasper, they deliver a booming bass line infused with percussion sounds that's a hybrid of HipHop and Afrobeats. This a sound we've become accustomed to with Kayflow's releases this year, from Mfana WepaJecha to Sei Sei.

Kayflow is proving he has no ceiling and the field is perfectly set for me. An album as brilliantly composed as his singles and mastering live performances are the only things left to truly make this his era.

Checkout the video for "Ramba Wakadzvanya" below:


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