Vera Unplugged on the "katikitiki stage" this weekend

Talented vocalist Vera is bringing an intimate concert to the katikitiki stage at Ela at the Garden this Saturday the 17th of June. Accompanied by some of her friends in music, Vera is set to give the audience a conversation-centred performance that explores both the Vera of the past and the Vera of the now. According to the artist, it'll be an evening of unplugged music, complimented by good food and drinks.

The katikitiki stage at Ela at the Garden is a platform for not only upcoming but established artists. It's a great place for artists to grow their audience or to experiment with new music and test it out, with it being within reach of most performers in terms of budget. Vera sees it as an invaluable resource for the arts, especially with the void left by the closing down of Book Cafe. A void that has still not yet been filled but places like Ela at the Garden are trying to bridge that gap.

Vera Unplugged on the "katikitiki stage" this weekend

Vera's concert tomorrow is set to kick off at 4 pm and it'll be running for approximately 3 hours until 7 pm. The gate will be $5 per person and they'll be food and a bar. They'll be collaborative performances between ACT the guitar man, Jordan the spicy lyricist and Vera the soulful singer, with dance Dj TAPIWA closing out the event. It'll be an evening of new-age sounds and experimental music with Vera's vocals taking centre stage.

Although it's Vera's singing that has often been most memorable about her performances, she is a multi-talented act. She not only sings but combines it with instrumentation on the guitar and a spoken-word-esque conversation with the audience in between sets. The latter is a feature she shares with the equally talented Jordan.

As Vera tells it what she especially loves about performing are the conversations she has with people, telling stories through music and how she inhabits different characters when she does covers. Audience engagement is central to how she performs and Saturday will be no different.

Ela at the Garden is located at 15 York Avenue, Newlands.

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