ProGIsTheName recruits Vinnie Raps, Soko Matemai and Just Jabba for "Pay Me"

When it comes to rap collaborations, they're few that can do it quite like ProGIsTheName. Although his versatility as a producer has often seen him venture into other genres, the quality he delivers with rap records is undeniable. Mbinga, King, and Neria are a few picks from his catalogue which are a testament to that. The producer recently released another track to add to that.

His latest release "Pay Me" is one that crosses borders. The song features Zambia's Vinnie Raps, Zimbabwe's Soko Matemai and South Africa's Just Jabba.

ProGIsTheName - Pay me ft Vinnie Raps, Soko Matemai and Just Jabba

Debuting on the 2 Broke Twimbos podcast and featuring on Apple Music's New Music Daily, ProGIsTheName cracks the recipe again. Pay Me has a sombre-sounding yet still gritty instrumental. There's a certain dark energy to it that brings emphasis to the demand to be paid.

"PAY ME" is a lyrical masterclass from Vinnie Raps, Soko Matemai, and Just Jabba where each rapper takes a turn to showcase their lyrical prowess, acrobatics, and wordplay, on top of a gritty cipher-like beat. The premise of the song is made pretty clear in the chorus through the lyrics, "Y'all gon have to pay me one-time [...] This is worth a fortune, this is worth a Billi!" This one is for the heads! Get your pen and paper ready, class is in session! - Track synopsis 

ProGIsTheName calls the track a lyrical masterclass and it certainly lives up to the billing. In a HipHop climate dominated by simplistic lyrics with catchy melodies, Pay Me is purely a rap record. This is not to say the lyricism lacks in rhythm but it's poetry executed for the sake of the art and not for the greatest palatability to an ever-changing audience. If lyrically rich music is your taste then this is certainly the one.

Vinnie Raps is a punchline waiting to happen with every bar. He has the cadence of The Game in some regard and he has a near-perfect gruffness for this song. He opens with "This the microphone master, I can spit rhymes and flows hotter than magma" and never looks back.

Soko Matemai once again displays why Zazise labelled him the "feature god". In his typical multilingual nature, he runs circles around the beat. "HipHop n'anga ndinokanda hakata" as a bar goes on his verse, perfectly encapsulates his performance. A rap wizard who seems inevitable when he is on a feature.

"Bars plenty flow steady, blessings falling they just fall like confetti, can't stand me". Just Jabba closes out the song with rapid delivery and an impeccable flow. "Pay Me" is a display of gifted wordplay, while also exhibiting the uniqueness of each artist. It's not your catchy rap song but it showcases the essence of the art. 

It is low on vibes as there is a certain calmness in cadence from all three artists and the hook is rather limited. However here the song falters, it is easily forgiven because it more than makes up for it with the next bar.

Check out the collaboration "Pay Me" below:

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