Tamy Moyo delivers a Drill love song with "100 Kwandiri"

100 Kwandiri is the latest release from songstress Tamy Moyo and it's a rather interesting one. Produced by Rodney Beatz, 100 Kwandiri has the "Brrrrrap, bang! Bam! Bow!" of Drill music. The track has a dynamic instrumental that carries sinewy bass lines sliding from one note to the next, and alternating moments of intensity and calmer synth, along with instances of acoustic silence. It's far out from the sound Tamy usually gives but somehow she makes it work.

Tamy Moyo - 100 Kwandiri

Although the nature of the instrumental is very much hip-hop, 100 Kwandiri still gives off the feel of an Afropop/RnB song. Tamy Moyo delivers soulful vocals while embracing the cadence of a rapper in some moments. 100 Kwandiri tells the story of how the heart wants what it wants. Tamy Moyo sings about a man who she feels is perfect for her, even though people question her choice. The essence of the song is Tamy telling people they don't see what she sees.

If there's one major complaint from me, it's that 100 Kwandiri is too short. At 1 minute 38 seconds, it almost feels like a snippet. It's clearly an experimental record made maybe for the fun of it, but we should've gotten more. After all, Tamy had found a pocket to jump in with her flow and the bass line was working as a base for her vocals.

The track was released with visuals directed by Sorogin Sorojena. They feature a vibrant palette of colour and truly give life to the love song laid over a gritty instrumental.

Tamy Moyo has sometimes fallen into the trap of having generic-sounding releases. It's not to say she doesn't give great music but sometimes the tracks are too similar in composition. 100 Kwandiri does a lot to change that. She's still an artist with a strong voice that often dominates her sound but the instrumental here balances this out.

Checkout the video for "100 Kwandiri" below:

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