Exq Enoch Latest 2023 Album: A Fusion of Genres and Talents

Renowned Zimbabwean musician EXQ recently announced 5 August 2023 as the release date of his much-anticipated 2023 new album "Enoch" a follow-up to the 2021 Verified Milestone album.

The album's title is a homage to the artist's name, Enoch Munhenga, a stalwart in the Zimbabwean Hip Hop scene. With its impressive lineup of 16 tracks and a stellar ensemble of Zimbabwe's musical luminaries, the album promises to be a true gem in EXQ's 7 Album discography. 

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Exq - Enoch Album cover

7 Arts Theatre in Avondale is the host venue for the grand album launch event featuring stellar appearances by some of Zimbabwe's most prominent and influential musicians, including Enzo Ishal, Baba Harare, Takura, Nutty O, Freeman HKD, and many more.

One of the standout aspects of this project is the collaboration with 10 of Zimbabwe's top-tier musical talents from various genres, ranging from Dancehall to Hip-Hop. The infusion of their unique styles and artistry enhances the album's richness and provides listeners with an eclectic and harmonious sonic experience. 

Noteworthy Zimbabwean musicians like Freeman HKD, Jah Prayzah, Voltz JT, Baba Harare, Holy Ten, Nutty O, and Enzo Ishal graced the album with their distinct contributions, ensuring a well-rounded and captivating musical journey for the audience. 

Exq's ability to seamlessly blend genres and collaborate with fellow musicians speaks volumes about his dedication to the craft and his commitment to delivering an exceptional body of work that transcends boundaries.

The production of Exq's 2023 album "Enoch" has seen the collaboration of talented artists, producers, and musicians. Notably, the renowned Dj Tamuka and Rodney Beatz lent their creative prowess to the project as producers, ensuring a sound that seamlessly fuses innovation with familiarity. Their expertise and vision have been instrumental in shaping the album's distinctive sonic identity. Adding another layer of musical excellence, accomplished instrumentalists such as Tari G Fingers, Adrian Tate, and Kays Bass have left their mark on the album.

Here is the album track list of all the songs from Exq's 7th album Enoch

Track Song Name
1. Kana Todla
2. Sweeter
3. Bluetick (Featuring Freeman HKD)
4. Dating Is Not Easy (D.I.N.E)
5. Amour (Featuring Jah Prayzah)
6. Haundide
7. Mashoko (Featuring Kim)
8. Let's get to it
9. Papi Energy (Featuring Voltz JT)
10. Dzinotsika (Featuring Baba Harare)
11. Firi Gudhu (Featuring Dispatch - Jah Prayzah)
12. Mwana Iyeyu (Featuring Holy Ten)
13. Nyope (Featuring Nutty O and DJ Tamuka)
14. Ane Mari
15. Kanonaka
16. Many Men (Featuring Enzo Ishal)

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