10 Zimbabwe Hip-Hop Tracks for your Playlist #2

Set to be released at varied intervals, the "10 Zimhiphop Tracks for your Playlist" listing will serve to introduce people to new music in the genre and highlight some trending songs, alongside gems people might have missed. Here are the 10 songs for our second edition (Click here for our debut listing):

Shiri Ngainaiwe x Bling4 ft Voltz JT

The Crxzycrain-produced track speaks for the underdogs. It has a gritty trap/drill instrumental characterized by a strong bass line and yet Bling4 is calm as ever in his cadence with Voltz JT moving in tandem with him.

Gevha x Bagga

Gevha is a hustler's anthem, one that not only reflects on the present but the past too. The track might possibly be Bagga's best work yet.

Zvekudaro x Boy Tricky ft R Peels, Dough Major, MyCole Biller, Dingo Duke

Zvekudaro brings together an all-star cast of Zimhiphop talent and its execution is done just right. The song has an easygoing feel to it and every artist brings their best when it's time for their verse. R Peels absolutely nails the delivery of the chorus.

Ramba Wakadzvanya x Kayflow

Kayflow is a man who can't miss right now and he's 5 for 5 this year. At its core Ramba Wakadzvanya is motivational. It's for the hustlers, 9 to 5ers and everyone else who falls in between. The song doesn't only tell a story in the lyrics but in its production and visual storytelling.

Amaihwe x Coach ft Slyme Foxx, Icey Ekxne, Suhn, Denimwoods, Kikky Badass, Crooger

Amaihwee is a track that encapsulates the two ends of Zimbabwean hip-hop. The vernacular rappers and those who use the King's language. Jnr Brown's disciples on one end and Tehn's on the other. In style and cadence but not so much the same lyrical content. Amaihwee gives you that jolt of adrenaline, it is high energy and it has a dynamic and intense instrumental, complimented with matching playful lyrics.

The Culture x Malcom Mufunde

In 4 minutes of passionate lyrical expression, Malcolm Mufunde captures almost everything anyone could've said in talking about Zimbabwe's hip-hop culture. Over 2 decades of artistry, through countless ups and downs, The Culture is the story of Zimbabwean Hip Hop. Malcom Mufunde embraces the role of historian and storyteller, with an unrivalled lyrical ingenuity and not a word out of place.

Munengwe x Probeatz & YoungDLC ft Jah Prayzah

Munengwe is a brilliant example of dexterity with the Shona language on a soundbed of a calm yet gritty instrumental, that blends a heavy sub-bass and the mbira instrument. An instrument Chiwoniso made sing and Hope Masike makes sound spiritual, in the same breath YoungDLC makes it evokes a certain sadness within us with his production on Munengwe. 

Makuruwani x Voltz JT ft Nutty O

This is a Soul Jah Love-inspired song that gets its name from the late Zimdancehall legend's moniker, Makuruwani. It feels like a cross of two different songs in the antagonistic nature of Voltz and Nutty O's deliveries but the song still works.

Musova Webhinya x MuGaratia

Musova Webhinya comes from MuGaratia's latest project Galatian EP. It is a song about self-belief. Although just a touch braggadocious, MuGaratia's emphasis is on overcoming obstacles and always betting on himself. It's somewhat gritty and it has great energy, which makes it stand out on the 5 track EP.

Mukuruwe x Michael Magz

Mukuruwe is a rather poignant song that reflects on hardships and obstacles in life. Michael Magz sings about the problems and struggles we face in life, while also calling for us to take a moment to enjoy ourselves because problems never end. The song has an Afrofusion nature to it and great lyrical composition, that is matched by the delivery.

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