Look (Tarisai) and hear me out III

DISCLAIMER: Before you go any further with this article, I’ll remind you that all of what I write is based off of and drawn from personal lived experience and knowledge I’ve acquired from the content I consume and education I’ve acquired.  Particularly this article and in hindsight the whole series/column.

Look (Tarisai) and hear me out III

Greetings dear friends and beloved. 

Tee’s back and sorry to have kept you waiting, had to go through life and come back with a more transparent line of thought. Often we go through life with the conviction that we’re in control and are aware. But are we really?

I believe the answer to that to be No

No, we are not in control. 

No, we have never been in control.  

No, we are not aware or conscious, we just know stuff. 

Many would attribute my sentiments to pessimism and a dreadful feeling of gloom, but I’d argue and stand my ground to say, we know nothing, we’re just figuring it out as we go. To quote one of my favourite artists, you ain't nothing but a baby, your fear is growing up. And so, no matter what advice we may give each other, what suggestions we might pick and choose and the decisions we wind up making, I think it’s important to remember that we’re all just big babies. And like all babies, we don’t know anything, it’s all hearsay. 

Age is one such funny concept, because even though it's an ascension-based concept and reality, the uncanny and most bizarre seem to happen and occur, in most cases naturally but in some as anomalies, by design. What do I mean? Some people choose to age backwards, and most people don’t because the per-requisite of growing older is that the mind gets to a point where growth just isn’t possible anymore and it plateaus. That’s why nothing beats a grandmother’s love, because not only have they begun the journey of aging backwards, but they’ve also acquired enough wisdom throughout the years to know that we’re all just big babies endlessly trying to find our feet in a translucent world that distorts our perception of reality deluding and leading us to think we’re the ventriloquist when we’re just puppets playing along to a great artist and playwright’s script that is as old as time and the hills. 

This brings me to the next item on our self-love checklist

  1. Forgiveness

The act of forgiveness basically amounts to the act of letting go of any anger and resentment towards a person or group, it also encompasses looking past betrayal of one's trust and not awarding any blame to anyone 

Look, all I'm saying is, that we need to break out from the tight hold we are under, enslaved by our thoughts, because 98% of those thoughts aren't even yours. They aren't yours. If we're to break it down, it amounts to the world, they are the world's thoughts dearie and not yours. A human who goes through a typical good twenty years acquiring education learns the world according to the perception of other people's thoughts and theorems and gains knowledge of how the world works from History. All at the same time encumbered by some good home training and nurturing by a family unit that's also endowed with the same 98% ratio. So not only are you being attacked by an army of education, which is a revision of knowledge accumulated over but also by heavily armed militia of familial nurturing, which basically amounts to another revision of your predecessors' and ancestors' perception of the world, some of it based off of experience, vicarious experiences included, and last but not least education. It's an interesting cycle. One that's proven to have found hospitable hosts in our screen-loving-thumb-scrolling generation. And guess what, information is not just at the click of a button, but at the tip and tap of your fingers. 

What I'm driving at here is, with 98% of our thoughts being the world’s, and only being accountable for at least 2% of our thoughts, why is forgiving yourself such a damned task and a half. Often I think that's what holds us back from achieving sustainable growth. One can only grow so far without forgiving oneself because holding onto something from the past affects your present, and that grudge will work its way up above you and form a ceiling such that no matter how far you may go when you hit a certain point, the walls of Jericho just come crashing down. And now that your fixation with the past has stolen your present and you can't have your golden moments, what's next? 

Well, we're going to focus on the future and plot a breakthrough through that glass ceiling for that view from the top. The first step, forgive yourself, child. Forgive thyself and keep moving, feeding your body nutrients and your mind-conscious knowledge, and let time award you wisdom. Because honey, when you hurt, you're the scene of the crime, the only casualty that suffers the most, if not only impact, and that other human being, they won't get as much as a headache as a signal of your distress. It's time we take care of our bodies and minds because guess who's got to live there? Y O U

And who likes living a gory Tarantino scene? 

It starts with forgiveness. And like most, it needs to come from within, that's where all meaning is manufactured, it's just that the mines are deep and we really gotta dig in there to excavate. Regardless the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, and Rome wasn’t born in a day. I don’t know how long it took to build Rome, but it definitely wasn’t no 24 hours, so dump all those crash-course notes to the side, and leave the rest to time. 

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