Saintfloew Rise and Lead Album - A Story of Resilience and Inspiration in Zimbabwean Hip-Hop

Zimbabwe hip-hop musician, Spice Tawanda Junior Mambo popularly known as Saintfloew is gearing up to dazzle fans and pundits alike with his latest album titled Rise and Lead on 7 October 2023. 

Saintfloew rose to fame through hits like "Gundamwenda" and "Silas Mavende" during his brief stint with Holy Ten's record label, Samanyanga Sounds, a few years back. He has since transitioned to Nash TV, a musical powerhouse supported by Tinashe Mutarisi. Under this new banner, he's treated us to a stream of chart-toppers such as "One by One" (featuring Julian King) and "Mutemo weMukombi," to name just a few.

Last October, Saintfloew gifted us the "Sauna Season" EP. It's worth noting that fresh insights into his personal life have recently surfaced, shedding light on the rapper's struggles with drug abuse. In hindsight, the EP's title alone serves as a poignant reminder of the Chitungwiza-born and bred MC's battle and his attempt at rehabilitation. The sauna, often associated with detoxification, takes on a profound meaning in this context.

The title "Rise and Lead", plays on the same pertinent theme of grappling with rampant drug abuse that has ravaged youths across townships and neighbourhoods of Zimbabwe. With arrows like rehabilitation in his quiver, Saintfloew intends to rise from the slumber of being a mere drug abuse statistic, to become a leader at the battlefront, using his voice as the weapon of choice to lead others who are still on tenterhooks and teetering on the edge. 

Another interpretation of the title "Rise and Lead" could be seen as a subtle commentary on his former associate, Holy Ten. The latter once proclaimed himself a leader of the youth, rapping about social issues and daily struggles they faced. However, Holy Ten seems to have abandoned this role with his newfound fame, aligning himself with the elite and the "who's who" of society, a departure from his previous stance. In response, Saintfloew has chosen to step up and assume the mantle of leadership, hence the title "Rise and Lead."

As a devoted Hip Hop fan, Saintfloew's story and album title instantly brings to mind the opening track from T.I.'s iconic "King" album, produced by the legendary Just Blaze. To quote the lyrics: "And the prophecy read that one day like the phoenix arose from the ashes, a boy will be born into a family in the slums. This boy will use the knowledge he gained while battling for survival in the streets to become a great leader. And over time, that boy will grow into... KING!" Here, Saintfloew is emerging as the self-proclaimed new leader of the youth, echoing the aspirations outlined in those powerful verses.

"Rise and Lead" is set to launch on the 7th of October 2023 at Alex Sports Club, and it features a lineup of artists including Freeman HKD, who is a close associate of Tinashe Mutarisi, Shabach The Band, MC Tatts, Delroy Shewe, Madam Boss, Master H, Dj King Her, Merciless Zim, Sylent Nqo, and DJ Tecco. This lineup has faced some criticism online, as it does not align with the current hip-hop scene. Event organizers in Zimbabwe tend to favour Zim Dancehall artists over hip-hop artists, which leaves fans of Zim hip-hop disappointed when it comes to important events like album launch parties for popular rappers like Saintfloew.

Popular Hip Hop Journalist Takura Kadzura shared on Twitter, "Whoever organized the Saintfloew album launch needs to seriously reconsider the lineup because WTF?" He continued to ask a question that caught the attention of popular Zim Hip-Hop Rapper Karizma, who then responded, "It’s an album launch. Having other hip-hop artists there defeats the purpose of the event imo. From a marketing perspective, whatever puts more attention on the man of the moment and his new project is what should be done. It's a Saint Floew showcase, not a hip-hop showcase after all."

"I don't agree, sadly. There was a chance to continue building authenticity in a brand we know and love. Farfetched to think hip hop wouldn't bring attention to the show, lineup iyo ndeye tambo," replied Kadzura in the ongoing discussion. Karizma countered, "Again it’s an album launch Takudzwa. Unless Bagga is on the album being promoted, he has no place on the lineup. Secondly, Saint Floew doesn’t need to build authenticity; he has arguably the most streamed song in recent times. What he needs is to expand his audience outside hip-hop."

"Bagga is an example of an artist who has closely collaborated with Saint, and if you're not surprised he's not on the lineup and Madam Boss is, we shouldn't have gotten so far in this engagement. Tocky Vibes? Again bro, lineup ndeye tambo," argued Takudzwa Kadzura in response.

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Here is Saintfloew latest 2023 album Rise and Lead tracklist

Track Song Name Producer
1. Rise And Lead (Intro) Neil T and Dr Chaii
2. Prayer Ghost Magician
3. Chidhumo NaMasendeke Jamal No Limits and Gangstamadeit
4. Hutsi Jamal No Limits, Money Cure and Leekay Di Man
5. On Grave Jamal No Limits and Gangstamadeit
6. Detention ft Leefire Jamal No Limits and Gangstamadeit
7. Musande Dr Chaii
8. Stress Free Jamal No Limits and Leekay Di Man
9. Nobody ft. Alvin Tha New Guy Jamal No Limits and Money Cure
10. Jive Jamal No Limits
11. No Mercy Jamal No Limits and Money Cure
12. Toenda Here ft. Master H Jamal No Limits and Money Cure
13. Wero Neil T
14. Bhinya Boss (Outro) Neil T

"Rise and Lead," promises to be a significant milestone in Saintfloew's career and a powerful statement on the challenges facing Zimbabwe's youth. Through his music and his personal journey, Saintfloew is not only addressing the issue of drug abuse but also taking on the mantle of leadership in the hip-hop scene.

While the lineup for the album launch has stirred debate among fans and industry insiders, it's a reminder that the world of music is ever-evolving. Ultimately, what matters most is the music itself and the message it carries. Saintfloew's determination to rise above adversity and lead by example is a testament to the transformative power of art.

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