Ishan - Bhundu Pop Underrated: Is He Truly Underrated or a Musical Maestro in Disguise?

In recent years, Zimbabwe's music scene has been set ablaze by the emergence of young talents, and one artist who's been stealing the spotlight is none other than Isheanesu Chigagura, popularly known as Ishan. If you've been living under a rock, Ishan, who previously dropped the Bhundu Pop project in 2020, has now graced us with a sequel titled BhunduPop Underrated after two years.

In a chat with YaadUniverse, Ishan spilled the beans on his creative process and why it took so long to get a full-length body of work. "I find myself interested in singles and collaborations mostly, I enjoy Uni-mind creations as I find them bringing us closer together as a cultural collective with other artists and creatives from different backgrounds hence not giving much thought to another project but until the beginning of this year," he shared.

Now, let's talk about the latest gem from Ishan's musical vault—his new album aptly named Bhundu Pop (Underrated). The title alone got this writer thinking, has someone been telling Ishan he's underrated? Maybe a close confidant has been whispering sweet motivational somethings in his ear. But let's not forget, this is the same guy who skyrocketed to legendary status with "Kure," a song that spread like wildfire and earned Ti Gonz his first NAMA. Ishan then followed it up with another fire collaboration 
"Lola," with The Voice UK 2020 winner, Blessing Chitapawho performs using her middle name, Annatoria, surpassing all expectations and silencing the doubters.

In a world where ideas either soar or flop, Ishan is navigating the creative circles with finesse. Addressing the chatter about being underrated, he said, "I think the right thing for me to say when it comes to my work creating it's over races is, I am never satisfied and not with the numbers per se but in my own creative world, I am always surprised with the infinite possibilities of what one can achieve with great mastery of creative imagination so I am grateful for all the love I have received and I still receive from my fans all over the world."

The tracklist selection for BhunduPop (Underrated)—boasting 8 tracks and features from Nutty O, Tamy Moyo, and Nuggs was a gradual process, with Ishan revealing, "Most of the tracklist selection was on a slow climb as I was recording music throughout 2021 up to mid-2023. We had the rest of the time until September to finalize the mixes and artworks."

Acknowledging his fans, Ishan took to Instagram, saying, "I know I've been a bit isolated, denying you of your rights to enjoyment. This year had me on the ropes, and I've been channelling most of my energy into the studio. I hope this makes up for everything you missed. BhunduPop Underrated mixtape is ready."

Here is the Tracklist for Ishan - BhunduPop Underrated

Track Name Producer
1 Intoxicated Produced by Manuchie
2 Shungu Produced by Ishan and Manuchie
3 Musandikanganwe Produced by Manuchie
4 Mapere Produced by Manuchie
5 Longtime (Interlude) Featuring Nutty O & Tamy Moyo, Produced by Manuchie
6 Longtime Featuring Nutty O & Tamy Moyo, Produced by Manuchie
7 Safamire Produced by Manuchie & Blawu
8 Kumasowe Featuring Nuggs, Produced by Charlie Kay

As the beats of BhunduPop Underrated continue to echo through our ears, Ishan proves that he's not just an artist; he's a musical sorcerer, conjuring melodies that defy expectations. The whispers of being underrated fade into the background as each track unfolds, revealing a symphony of talent and dedication. In a world that sometimes overlooks brilliance, Ishan stands tall, reminding us that true artistry transcends labels. So, as you dive into the sonic journey of BhunduPop Underrated, let the music be the judge, and let Ishan's undeniable genius blaze a trail through your playlists. This mixtape isn't just a collection of songs; it's a proclamation—a fiery testament to Ishan's unwavering commitment to the craft. Underrated? Not a chance. Ishan has once again set the stage ablaze, leaving us all in awe of his musical genius.

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