Tahle We Dzinza sings for broken hearts with "Damage"

As much as we desire romantic relationships, it is often that they leave us worse off than we were before. To be as frank as possible, they quite simply leave us damaged. This is the inspiration behind Tahle We Dzinza's latest single, "Damage". A heartbreak anthem, in part, born out of Tahle's own personal experience but mostly a mirror of society at large's relationship with romance and love.

Tahle We Dzinza

Well… there’s a bit of personal experience for sure but what really inspired me was a conversation I was having with one my friends. We were speaking about how our generation kind of gets itself into these sticky romantic situations because we want to prove that we are over people and we can do better than our previous partners. Instead of admitting that we’ve been hurt and we need time to heal - Tahle We Dzinza on the inspiration for Damage

Damage arrives as Tahle We Dzinza's first release of the year and a genre-bending love song that's at the confluence of various African sounds. Co-produced by Tahle We Dzinza and TBlawu, the song has an infectious instrumental that almost drowns out the sadness in the lyricism.

Vinny The Guitarist handles the guitar on the song which adds a much-needed dim, and the final touch comes from Rayo Beats on the mixing and mastering. The song is beautifully composed and Tahle's vocals are the perfect compliment to the songwriting.

Damage is available on all major streaming platforms

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