TheLastLetter sings for a prayer

Zimbabwean RnB, is a genre that often gets pushed to the sidelines and doesn't quite get the spotlight. Yet that's not a measure of the talent within the field. While the king of the genre, Trevor Dongo, and the prince, Takura get all the plaudits, they're many gifted singers trying to make their voices heard. 


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One such voice, is the South Africa based TheLastLetter. While her name might be at the end of the alphabet, TheLastLetter is clearly only beginning. With a gifted voice and love as her favourite subject, she's been slowly turning everyone who gives her a chance into a believer. 

The budding artist recently released her second single of the year titled "Pray For Me". A mellow RnB record that serenades you with smooth vocals and lyricism centred on love. The song is about TheLastLetters devotion to her romantic love, and how above all else his ultimate display of devotion to her requires he cover her in prayer, which she considers one of the most important displays of love that could be shown to her.

The song captures a similar sound to TheLastLetter's other releases in the past 12 months. From Sad, released in December last year, to Nice Gyal, a few months ago, and now Pray For Me, TheLastLetter is carving out space in the RnB genre with her own distinct sound identifiable to her.

Pray For Me also comes as the sounding bell for TheLastLetter's upcoming project "The Pink Room EP". It's the first single to drop from upcoming Extended Play, which is expected to be out on the 19th of January 2024.

You can pre-save the project here.

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