Nutty O - Cornerstone Mixtape: The High Stakes of Following up a Hit Album

Nutty O has just released his latest musical project, the Cornerstone Mixtape, his first full-length project following his critically acclaimed Mustard Seed debut album. True to his style, for the project title Nutty O draws inspiration from Psalm 118:22-23, encapsulating the essence of his creative journey: "The stone which the builders rejected has become the cornerstone; the Lord had done this, and it is marvellous in our eyes."

What sets this mixtape apart is not only its soulful tracks but also the intriguing connections woven into the project. A noteworthy revelation is the involvement of the previously unknown 925 Talent Agency, spearheaded by Nutty O's longtime affiliate Martin Chikomba who is known around music circles as Marty Solyd or Solyd The Plug, who wears the Executive Producer hat and orchestrates a symphony of talent, most of whom are Nutty O's close friends, emphasizing the mixtape's familial essence.

Though Marty Solyd is a shareholder of Mashroom Media in partnership with ExQ and DJ Tamuka, digging into the nuances of the tracklist unveils a deliberate absence, a silence so pronounced it becomes a narrative in itself. DJ Tamuka, a conspicuous absentee, remains unmentioned throughout the mixtape. This conspicuous omission could be interpreted as Nutty O's deliberate departure, forming his creative haven with day-one friends and family. This seismic shift is encapsulated in the title "Cornerstone," symbolizing the foundation of Nutty O's new musical home. The mixtape, tagged as an experiment, sheds the conventional album title, perhaps signifying a fresh chapter in Nutty O's artistic

Munashe Calvin Zhou, who goes by the name Angeo Pablo emerges as the most prolific producer, crafting a total of six out of the twelve songs on the Cornerstone Mixtape. "It takes a kingdom to carry the Cornerstone. Great minds have come together, amazing talent and good effort have been applied." he shared on Facebook. His versatility is showcased through the diverse range of tracks, including the opening track "Akanaka, PE, Mhumhu, Tit For Tat," and the final song "Wawa (Hottest Ting)." 

Vince Goodbeats also makes a notable contribution, co-producing two tracks: "Budai Mese" and "Haisi Danger." Collaborating with Naspa Incoming on the former and teaming up with Angeo Pablo for the latter. Other producers, each contributing to a single track, include Gangstermadeit ("Do or Die"), Jusa Dementor ("Jericho"), Nyanda MadeIt ("Calendar"), Infinity Beatz ("Mhumhu"), Spirit Fingers ("Ndezvenyu"), and JMP ("Link Up"). While each producer brings their unique touch to the mixtape, Angeo Pablo's consistent presence underscores his significant role in shaping the overarching musical narrative of the Cornerstone Mixtape.

Here is the Tracklist for Nutty O's latest Cornerstone 2023 Mixtape album

Track Song Title Producer
1 Akanaka Angeo Pablo
2 Budai Mese Featuring Naspa and M Killer Naspa Incoming and Vince Goodbeats
3 Do or Die Gangstermadeit
4 PE Angeo Pablo
5 Haisi Danger Featuring Chris 99 Angeo Pablo and Vince Goodbeats
6 Jericho Featuring Bling4 and Bagga Jusa Dementor
7 Calendar Featuring Roberto and Driemo Angeo Pablo and Nyanda MadeIt
8 Mhumhu Angeo Pablo and Infinity Beatz
9 Ndezvenyu Angeo Pablo and Spirit Fingers
10 Tit For Tat Angeo Pablo
11 Link Up Angeo Pablo and JMP
12 Wawa (Hottest Ting) Angeo Pablo

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