25 Standout Zimbabwe Songs From The Year 2023

The top 25 Zimbabwean Standout Tracks listing isn't just about what's trending or selling like hotcakes but also factors beyond commercial success and popularity. It's more about showcasing songs and musicians that really hit the mark in terms of quality and impact throughout 2023. So, if you've got a favourite track that you think deserves a spot here, don't hesitate to share it.  You never know, your suggestion might lead someone to discover new music. Here's what made our list:

25 - Mukuruwe x Michael Magz

24 - Vuyani x Vuyo Brown

23 - Nzara Hapana x Mokoomba

22 - Cassanova x Tamy Moyo

21 - Ndichatarisa x Gemma Griffiths

20 - Melody x Master H

19 - Remedy x Shashl

18 - Gevha x Bagga

17 - Safamire x Ishan

16 - Mubayei x Feli Nandi

15 - One by One x Julian King ft SaintFloew

14 - Prove Them Wrong x Baba Harare ft Voltz JT

13 - Ibotso x Winky D ft Holy Ten

12 - Superstar x Delroy Shewe ft SaintFloew

11 - Delilah x Holy Ten

10 - Makanonoka x Nutty O

9 - Doro x Malcom Mufunde ft Dancehall Keddah

8 - Vanhu Vaye x Tanto Wavie ft Takura

7 - Man to Man x Freeman HKD ft Nox & Tyfah Guni

6 - Shungu x Jah Prayzah ft Gemma Griffiths

5 - Munengwe x Probeatz, YoungDLC ft Jah Prayzah

4 - Mashoko x ExQ ft Kim Makumbe

3 - Hazvireve Rudo Handina x Takura

2 - Gorah x Nitefreak, Emmanuel Jal

1 - Mfana wepajecha x Kayflow

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