Indigo Saint says Controlla made him do it

If there was one word, to sum up, "Controlla Made Me Do It", it would be pristine. There is a flawless execution of the art of rap. It's not an audacious word salad, but impressive for the tongue-twisting nature of its lyricism. Instead, it's a calm instrumental with the gentle strum of piano keys, graced by poetry recited with an easy cadence and every word is as annunciated as the next. 

Indigo Saint says Controlla made him do it
Indigo Saint

Yet don't let the easy cadence fool you, Indigo Saint is very much a man declaring war. The Bulawayo native had a lot to get off his chest and he was taking names with reckless abandon. Controlla Made Me Do It ends with him declaring he's speaking to the fans of the art and that couldn't be more true. You have to be a fan of Zimhiphop to even catch half the shots, Indigo sends out. 

He seems to have had something for Orthsix, R Peels, Holy Ten, Young Gemini and even the bloggers. 

I know the bloggers gonn' blog what the bloggers gonn' blog
I ain't worried I just rap, let the bloggers just blog
But when the rappers don't rap like how rappers should rap
What you expect? Your name in headlines in all caps?

The melodic and lyrical nature of rap are both executed perfectly here. 2024 is shaping up to be a year where rappers rap. While more than a few will take offence to "Controlla Made Me Do It", your guess is as good as mine as to who will reply.

Your boy mid but he got a benefactor, that boy never been holy he an actor
I'll say what I want because he's sponsored by my taxes, and yours too
It's about time we switched axis, real art and real raps that's the minimum 

You can check out "Controlla Made Me Do It" below:

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