MILE & Verseless: The duo we didn't know we needed

Winky D and Oskid. Jah Prayzah and Rodney Beatz. ExQ and DJ Tamuka. Kayflow and Nasper. Now MILE and Verseless. 

Music has a way of giving us, these dynamic artist and producer duos. A representation of the chemistry behind the art of music. While not as renowned as the others I've just mentioned, MILE and Verseless are certainly just as talented. The latest respective releases of the two are collaborations with each other, and the chemistry is clear for even the worst ear for music.

Pick It Up and Wishing The Best released earlier this month are shining examples of collaboration gone right. There's something that just seems to click between the two. A point MILE himself noted in one of his tweets. The latest music from the duo that isn't one, strikes the perfect balance. It hits the ear just right and it feels like you can see the picture both artists were trying to paint clearly.

The freedom with which my brother Verseless and I create music is one my more fulfilling experiences in this life... - MILE via Twitter

MILE & Verseless

Pick It Up is soulful, yet has something about it that screams Dance music. It brings to mind 808s & Heartbreak, but it is very much a modern song of the 2020s with log drums, percussion and voice distortion. The brilliance of the genre-bending love song is exactly in how it doesn't fit a particular mould.

Wishing The Best is a love song, one particularly at a crossroads. It says if I'm not the one for you then I wish you the best. There's a certain harmony in the vocals and it feels like something caught between Popular music and RnB. MILE certainly wears the hats of both rapper and singer with equal ease.

MILE & Verseless

2023 showed me that some connections are just not meant to be, despite the good intentions and even similar goals, some people are designed to take on a different path in their purpose... Verseless - Wishing the Best feat. M.I.L.E - Verseless via Twitter 

If Wishing The Best and Pick It Up were on the same, you would easily see the cohesion. In not only sound but subject matter. MILE and Verseless are certainly onto something here. Would an EP be too much to hope for? Maybe, judging by how both artists rarely give us music but I'll try and keep my hopes up.

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