Is Slyme Foxx the most promising talent in Zimbabwe Hip-Hop?

The rise of Slyme Foxx on the hip-hop staircase is not the first of its kind. Time and again we have newcomers with milk on their noses but their lips dense with venom. 

Hip-hop is a genre where one has to consistently prove a nonchalant point - a silent battle of whose style is the hardest. Suffice it to say freedom of expression even if it means stepping on the next person’s toes. 

Slyme Foxx

I find myself one of the people who didn’t exactly enjoy Slyme’s first mainstream feature, Zero Fear with Saintfloew. It could be one of his toughest as a kindergarten fox in the jungle.

Slyme’s rawness is essentially his attitude toward hip-hop. Watching him perform gifted my opinion with an ounce of appreciation that he is not anything more than the music he gave us in Slyme Szn, Gevah Mixtape or from the ever-ongoing blitzkrieg of singles. 
His ability to collaborate with a span of rappers is a top consideration for headlines in his case. In many reels all over media Slyme Foxx effortlessly impresses with freestyling which is another mark of the beast in him.

From the humble beginnings of the Hatcliff suburb, in Harare, Slyme personifies how a modern youth thrives in urban dynamics. In Zimbabwe, hip-hop is the latest social trend. This means the creative industry is in the phase where talent is just an attribute in the making of a successful hip-hop artist. One can be prolific in writing rap whilst the other will sing beautifully but what stands out is character. Generations have always celebrated art which they resonate with.

Slyme Foxx is dipping claws in the most delicate parts of contemporary literature. His commentary surfs through the literature of lived experiences within the confines of our Zimbabwean realities and more importantly from a naïve youthful perspective. 

The above sentiments were brought to life after listening to Magen’a where Slyme ‘Gava’ lays a feature verse. Is it not important that OCD and Mula Nation have treasured this talent? Magen’a also marks the beginning of the fox’s solo hunting expedition? Of course with the OCD label’s support which undoubtedly is an important structure for most upcoming artists.

2024 could be bigger for Slyme Foxx and hip-hop in the mainstream domain of Zimbabwean music!

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