Album in Focus: Meant for You EP by Leo Magozz

Leo Magozz has long been given the moniker "The Fire Emoji Singer", a career-defining label that is equal parts a shining spotlight and a weight on the singer's shoulders. In all fairness, as far as labels go, you could do little better than that. After all "Fire Emoji" is arguably the greatest Zim Hip Hop song we've ever had.

The only downside to the label is how it overshadows the rest of Leo Magozz's catalogue. It's as if once he was marked with that label, everything else fell below the bar that Fire Emoji set. I guess you could say he's a victim of his own success. Yet he hasn't been resting on his morals. Meant For You EP, is a 5 track project which is his latest attempt to break out of that Fire Emoji-enforced cocoon.

Leo Magozz - Meant for You EP Review
Leo Magozz

While softly sung vocals over drill beats have been his recipe for success, they've also been his Achilles heel and as if understanding this, Meant For You offers up something different. At heart, it's a project of love songs, but it's light-hearted with plenty of comic relief. Leo Magozz gets an assisting hand from Tockey Vibes, Gemma Griffiths, and Kae Chaps. For me, those three collaborations are also the standout tracks on the project.

My outright favourite song from the project is My Baby, which is a duet between Leo and Gemma Griffiths. It plays out like a conversation between a couple that's not getting along so well and yet sonically there's great chemistry between the duo. If there's a song with the potential for radio success on this EP, this is certainly it.

As if the next stage after a couple fight, Madam Vakazviketa is a song about cheating. Leo Magozz is speaking to his side piece/small house (whatever you may call the third wheel in a relationship in your part of the world) and trying to ensure that they don't get caught. While cheating is definitely a serious subject, the song has a humorous feel.

Ex Zvimba is almost a match for My Baby, and that sees Kae Chaps and Leo talking about the exes of their current love interest. The message to them is that she has moved on to better things. Zvese is heartfelt and it sees Leo Magozz professing his desire to be a provider of everything for his love interest. It features a heavy bass line and there's a bit of a dancehall feel to it. Tockey Vibes and Leo work in tandem to deliver a vibrant yet infectious love song. 

Zororo has the same heavy bass line quality to it but it's a bit forgettable. However, what you're always guaranteed with Leo Magozz is a great hook. Meant For You has a blend of Afropop and Afrobeats with a distinct sound brought about by the heavy bass line. It doesn't match the heights of Leo Magozz's previous success but it's definitely good music.

While Hip Hop certainly gave him his moment and two NAMA awards, on top of the nation's eyes, Afropop feels like more his lane. There's certainly something in Meant For You that he can build on. The Drill beats are great but I think the genres Leo Magozz can explore with his vocals are limitless.

Greedysouth rating: 6.4/10

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