Did you see this Timberland X Bee Line Collaboration

Inspired by a honeycomb image, Pharrell approached timberland for this collaboration with Billionaire Boys Club. The 6” honeycomb canvas boot uses the actual image Pharrell found. Check out couple of images below and see the full list of where to find the #beelinextimberland collection here


Paul Walker's 1993 Toyota Supra Sold For $185,000 USD

Paul Walker’s customized orange 1993 Toyota Supra from The Fast and the Furious film was recently up for auction and was sold to an anonymous buyer for $185,000 USD. The 220-horsepower car is one of the handful of stunt cars that was used in the film, and this one in particular was featured in the iconic final racing scene.


SMH.. These illustrations Poke Fun at Social Media

Matt Blease makes playful jabs on our generation’s obsession with social networking. The simple drawings are filled with puns and quirky commentary on today’s social networking landscape, from online friendships to selfie sticks.


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