Watch This Mini Documentary About Nigel Ruwende, A Bespoke Apron Maker Based Out In London

Did You See this Video of Elephant Attacking Safari Truck Filled With Tourists in Hwange, Zimbabwe ?

Terrifying video footage shot with a GoPro camera, of an elephant bull charging and attacking a safari truck filled with tourists in Hwange, Zimbabwe has emerged and gone viral. The clip shows the angry animal pushing the truck from the front near the front passenger's seat, which is unoccupied, as the others scream with fear; then the elephant leaves them alone and heads back to three of its friends, who are just chilling in the background. Miraculously, no one was hurt. Watch below


Sommelier Tinashe Nyamudoka Talks To Wine Enthusiast Magazine About The Wine & Food Scene In Cape Town

A veteran of Cape Town’s upscale dining scene since his arrival in 2008, scoring wine gigs at The Roundhouse, Reuben’s and Nobu, Zimbabwe-born Tinashe Nyamudoka has his fingers set firmly on the city’s gastronomic pulse. Wine Enthusiast Magazine interviewed the 30-year-old sommelier, who


Rita Ora’s "Body On Me"‬ Co Produced by Tinashe @tcollarmusic Sibanda ‪ET Al already clocked 19 Million Views on YouTube, Watch it here

The British singer/songwriter posted the visual clip for “Body On Me” – featuring Chris Brown – to her Vevo channel on Tuesday (August 18, 2015). “Body On Me” was produced by Soaky Siren, JHart, T-Collar and The Monsters & the Strangerz


This Dude Grosses Over USD $3 Million Per Year By Reselling Used Sneakers

Derek Lew started reselling sneakers in 2008 as a way to make some quick cash, and has since seen his business Sole Supremacy grow into a huge enterprise – shifting over $3 million in used and


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