Msiz'kay releases the visuals for Ngawuzw' Umoya Wami with Awa khiwe & Mzoe7

At the present moment Msiz'kay is arguably one of the best artists in Bulawayo right now and fresh from his Skyz Metro FM Award for Best Male Artist of the Year and Zim Hip Hop Best Alternative Sound award last year few can argue with that. A few months ago he was featured on the heat that is Asipheli Moya by Asaph and the single quickly climbed up the charts.

Earlier this year the award winning hip-hop artist Msiz'kay dropped the audio track Ngawuzw' Umoya Wami featuring Awa khiwe and Mzoe7. It featured production work by Msiz and Velaphi “VG” Gumpo at the Woo Haa Music studios. The track is a smooth sound that leans more towards RnB than just being purely hip-hop and the emotions betrayed in how Msiz'kay sings transcend all languages.

Ngawuzw’Umoya Wami is an Afro hip-hop song of a genre Msiz'kay calls Something Afro. It is a song that tells a story of love, longing and heartbreak from seeing the one you love with someone else. In an interview a while back Msiz said, "I got the idea of the song after one of my friends was in a similar situation." Msiz'kay described the song as a track meant to comfort the friend and others who have gone through such a situation.

Msiz'kay serenades us with soft vocals that touch places deep within and leaves us reminiscing about past hurts and situations we felt betrayed. Awa khiwe's lyrical delivery is evergreen as always and Mzoe Seven comes through turning the tables with hoarse vocals that upset the soft nature of the song but give it a much needed edge. 

After a few months wait the visuals for the track are finally here. The story told on screen matches the mood of the vocals and it's amazing directional work from Corey. Roxie The Vixen and Charmaine Mudau are also featured in the video and they played their roles to perfection.

Checkout the visuals below:

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