Here Are The Visuals For Kuda K's "Salala"

Salala comes as the third video to drop from Kuda K's album Kudaverse, a 7 track project that dropped a few months ago. The track takes us back to the early 2000s, the early days of Urban Grooves when ExQ dropped a song by the same name. Although while ExQ was embracing being "Salala", Kuda is on the opposite end and out to prove that although he's termed "Salala" thats not him. 

The track features the same easy vibes that made the original song such a success and Kuda's cadence & style is perfect for the beat. The production work on the track was done by Portland and he executes to perfection the balance of nostalgia for the old melody while filling the instrumental with modern influences. The visuals are directed by Vanté Production and it's also great work for them, they bring it all together to make "Salala" such a vibe.

Got a freaky ting kunge Mazikeen
When she go on her knees it’s a mazzalin
Young Kuda ndachibaba kunge Conquering 
And they’re wondering ndakatanga rinhi

Checkout the video for "Salala" below:

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