Finally NAMA Got It Right

The National Arts Council of Zimbabwe recently held the electrifying 20th edition of the NAMA Awards. What a show! This edition has to be the closest to the perfection of all award shows l have watched in Zimbabwe over the last decade. 26 February 2022 was a night to reward various leaders and mavericks in all Art sectors. Winners were accoladed for their works created from 1 December 2019 to 30 November 2021 according to a statement communicated prior by the organizers. 

NAMA in the previous editions had been marred with different types of shortfalls and hiccups. 2022 came to rectify all the previous misses. There is so much l could talk about that was exceptional and executed to perfection but l will mainly zoom on live performances. Every genre and sound was well represented. What did NAMA get right? Sound, wardrobe, lighting, sequencing, choice of musical acts, and timing! I can confirm that NAMA finally got it right! 

NAMA Awards 2022

Do check out these electric performances to get the full scope. 

Soul Jah Love Tribute Medley Featuring The Unveiled, Enzo Ishall, Kadijah, Ma9_nine & Chipoko


Gospel Medley by Zimpraise, Janet Manyowa, Mambo Dhuterere, Mbeu & Minister Micheal Mahendere

Hip Hop Act featuring Jnr Brown, Crooger, Tanto Wavie, and Awa Khiwe

Mariana & Handipere Power Relay by Nyasha David & Nutty O featuring The Unveiled 

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Gerald Muchandiona

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