ZimDancehall King Incarnate Blot Drops Latest 2022 Singles Collection

It has indeed been a tumultuous journey for misunderstood geniuses like Soul Jah Love, Silent Killer, Dobba Don and Blot. In short, they are ZimDancehall’s royalty when it comes to talent. This author is well aware of subjectivity that must be respected when channelling views of this nature. The fact that these artists have stood the test of time despite swords and soul-reaping sabotage strangling their careers is on its own great measure of resilience. Simultaneously it is a heartbreaking reality that they have never enjoyed the celebrity status or revered cosmetic publicity. With the modern world at the mercy of brainwashing social media desperation of trends, style, dope or whatever they like to call it. The aforementioned artists have not bent their values of down-to-earth dancehall culture. 

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The biggest lesson so far derived from these stubbornly principled artists is that people can never write off talent. In whatever circumstance of somewhat hopelessness – apera, akupenga, irombe. Or because of drugs, their music is no longer presentable? Tragic pretense. Chauvinism in the arts industry reigns supreme because to a certain extent we have really allowed a section of pompous media personalities and outlets to tell our stories. It is in their hands to determine who plays and who doesn’t until a point where the artist is scavenging for a livelihood, they’ve possibly gone berserk and even dying, suddenly cameras are on for striking content. 

The irony is richly perplexing when the same artists release music. It does not bother those who are waiting to break the news when the artists are caught offside. In good faith, beware brethren. Take heed of the content you consume on the internet.  

These are pre-conceived thoughts triggered by the release of immaculate dancehall in Blot’s new project. He is, like his counterparts Soul Jah Love, Dobba Don and Silent Killer, a flawed genius. Blot in Hupenyu Hwandorarama chants, “musandiwongorore” Simply telling the world that his, is his life. He adamantly asserts his intentions of succeeding Soul Jah Love as today’s dancehall king. The collection is drooling with buoyancy and exudes determination to rewrite his story. He goes on to deliver another dedication to Soul Jah Love as the late hero’s obituary continues to unfold. Blot features FreshAcid as he now assumes the role to introduce upcoming cats to the limelight. 

The singles collection is available on YouTube. Whilst we wait for the promised album kindly listen to the project and share feedback in the dialogue box below!

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