Fire Emoji Remix: Zimbabwe Hip Hop is finally having its moment in the spotlight

The Remix features guest verses from Buffalo Souljah, Nutty O, Holy Ten, Voltz JT, Kikky Badass BLING4, Brian Jeck, and M Killer with Leo Magozz on the hook

As the saying goes, Success has many fathers, failure is an orphan. In this case, the success of Fire Emoji can be seen by the number of artists that hopped on this remix.

The Zimbabwe Hip Hop drill song, "Fire Emoji", exploded in recent months to become 2022's Zimbabwe soundtrack. Its fast-paced Vince GoodBeats produced instrumental with humming sample, some interesting bars and a catchy hook courtesy of Leo Magozz gives the song high replay value. 

Fire Emoji remix ticks all the boxes of a great song; great delivery and cadence, wordplay, and harmony. My issue with the track is the tempo, which I can only assume to have been increased by the engineer after all the artists had submitted their vocals. This affected some artists' verses, especially Kikky Badass who sounds too animated, it's difficult to hear some of her lines.

fire emoji remix

Bling4 —The owner of the track—takes the intro verse. The up-and-coming rapper is willing to get his hands dirty and do whatever it takes to survive. He shakes his head with disgust at anyone who has an opinion, judging him, setting the template for the verses that follow.

Takamboterera zvavaitaura 
Takazoona kuti hazvishande
Taimbotambira mari dzavaitipa
Takazoona kuti hadzikwane

Voltz JT takes the second verse and sends shots to his enemies, some of who get a confidence boost after consuming some booze.

Waita pressure nesu wakuda kuputika fuse
Waita hondo nesu wakuda kubuda paNews
Pane twu confafa tunobata warowa booze
But usazviite chiSamson uchiketa hauna bvudzi
Vapfanha veChiTown isusu tajaira chipower power


In the third verse, Kikky Badass continues with the theme of the track which seems to be subliminal shots at nemesis by suggesting she has no haters but wannabes.

Handina maHaters that follow me
Just a bunch of people that wish they were me so.


Holy Ten starts the fourth verse by dissing Dj Towers in double entendre bars. He also mentions Shadaya by name. 

Monaz taKiller Tea
Hona wafira clout
Hona wafira mbiri


Brian Jeck takes over the fifth verse, with no issues in particular but women using too many filters to enhance their complexion in photos.

Wakuwanza ma filters 
hakuna munhu we yellow
tangoisa zvedu twumoto


M Killer is aware of the chit-chat but puts faith in his friends to always protect his interests.

They be talking and talking but they never loved us
But I know they watch us
I got my homies all over
I can do a pinky swear
They can never touch us


Nutty O celebrates his recent success on the local and international circuits whilst comparing his impact on the youth to 2pac. He also thanks God but demands compensation from everybody else.

Ndini ndiri kutamba nema Youths like Tupac Shakur
I m a don for the nation
Big up Musiki Savior vamwe vese ndipei cut


Last up is Buffalo Soulja who reflects on the hate he has received over the years and asks his online critics to log off.

No man is bigger than God iwe hausi mwari
Chimboita log out unotsvaga mari

Listen to the remix below and make sure to also read our review of the original track here

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