TAPIWA Drives us to Rave with his latest Single "Dancehall"

There is a wave of Afrotech fever slowly making its way across Zimbabwe, heralded by the return of old favourites in festivals like Neverland and the sprouting of new events like Afro-Beyond. Key to this renaissance of dance music in the country is the gifted DJs and producers. One of them is the up-and-comer TAPIWA.

TAPIWA recently released a single titled Dancehall. Infused with Caribbean and African influences, it's a song that calls us to rave. 

TAPIWA Drives us to Rave with his latest Single "Dancehall"Drives us to Rave with his latest Single "Dancehall"

Vibrant in tempo from the beginning to the end, with just a sprinkle of vocals, Dancehall sets up TAPIWA as the puppet master with us as his willing rinser. For 2 minutes 37 seconds, you're captured in a torn universe as Dancehall not only has everything we love about the current wave of Afro-tech but it has a retro feel to it.

The song was almost 5 years in the making, as Tapiwa created it back in 2018 and then gave it a makeover this year before it was finally released.

I originally made Dancehall back in 2018 and I remember at the time wanting to make a record that was full of energy with a carnival/tribal feel to it. A lot of elements in it now go along with a lot of music I was listening to and inspired by at the time but with an updated take for 2023. - TAPIWA

The track debuted on BBC Radio and TAPIWA described it as an honour to be featured on such a platform.

Pretty insane honestly. I’ve never expected my music to be presented on a such big platform. Even more so considering that Jeremiah named it his Rising Record of the Week. I was incredibly honoured by it and it makes the whole experience of investing time in the craft more worthwhile. - TAPIWA

TAPIWA's last release, a collaboration with Warner Case was playlisted by Martin Garrix and garnered over 100k streams. 

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