Varaidzo "Vee" Kativhu Co-Hosts the 2023 Diana Awards with Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex

Celebrating the Power of Young People: Varaidzo Kativhu and Prince Harry Lead the 2023 Diana Awards

Zimbabwe-born social activist, Varaidzo Vee Kativhu, had the privilege of co-hosting the highly esteemed 2023 Diana Awards alongside Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex. The event, also attended by Prince William, paid homage to the memory of Diana, Princess of Wales, and celebrated the remarkable ability of young individuals to create positive change in the world. With the Diana Award being the ultimate recognition for social action and humanitarian work among those aged 9-25 years, this year's recipient, 23-year-old Zimbabwean Tanatswa Amanda Chikaura of Ndinewe Foundation, exemplifies the extraordinary impact young people can have on society.

A Virtual Ceremony Highlighting Inspiring Achievements

The virtual ceremony, which was broadcast on YouTube, commenced with a special appearance by Prince William. Later in the video, Prince Harry joined Vee Kativhu, a recipient of the 2021 Diana and Legacy Award, to present the awards. During their interaction, Prince Harry commended Vee Kativhu's inspirational journey and acknowledged the profound influence she has had on many, including himself. He emphasized the significance of collective action for positive change and highlighted that anyone who steps up to serve automatically becomes part of this transformative collective. In essence, no individual is ever alone in their pursuit of change, and each of us possesses the power to foster a more equitable world.

Varaidzo Kativhu's Excitement and Gratitude

Varaidzo "Vee" Kativhu Co-Hosts 2023 Diana Awards with Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex
Varaidzo "Vee" Kativhu and Prince Harry

Taking to social media, Varaidzo "Vee" Kativhu expressed her excitement and gratitude for the opportunity to co-host the 2023 Diana Awards with Prince Harry. She described the experience as a dream come true and spoke highly of Prince Harry's genuine kindness. Vee eagerly encouraged her followers to witness the enchanting ceremony, confident that it would leave a lasting impression. Reflecting on her own achievements, having received both the Diana Award and the Diana Legacy Award, Vee expressed a sense of surrealism and honour. Her tireless advocacy for improving access to education for underrepresented and underprivileged groups has received noteworthy recognition. Vee acknowledged that each milestone serves as validation, enabling her to extend her reach and engage with individuals who possess the capacity to make a significant impact.

Inspiring Others and Celebrating the New Recipients

Vee Kativhu shared her gratitude for the opportunity to be present in such esteemed gatherings and expressed her commitment to being her authentic self on these occasions. She expressed her joy in witnessing the new recipients of the Diana Awards, praising their incredible achievements. Vee encouraged her followers to explore the exceptional cohort and urged them to watch the ceremony, which promises to be a remarkable showcase of young people's brilliance. 

By co-hosting the 2023 Diana Awards, Vee Kativhu and Prince Harry not only amplify the importance of youth-driven change but also inspire individuals around the globe to embrace their ability to contribute to a better world. Their involvement underscores the significance of recognizing and honouring young individuals who are creating a positive impact, empowering them to continue their invaluable work. As the ceremony unfolds, it promises to be a testament to the indomitable spirit of youth and the transformative power of their actions.

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